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Find your Data at Marketplace.
dataXchain is pioneer of the data trading service combined by Xiilab’s core technology and Tobelet’s global recognition.
dataXchain offer most recent READY-to-USE data, professionally selected data and, trainable data models.
dataXchain charges small transaction fee to every trading services to continually provide benefit of fair and premium services to all the users including buyer & seller.

Service Details
Data Trading Platform is for the individual and Corporate members with economic Data Trading Service.
User’s Guide
Follow the dataXchain instructions to use the service.
  • Step1
    Data Sale

    Decide What kind of Data to Sell

    Consult with a Legal Rep. if the Data is appropriate for sale – Get the Opinion Statement

  • Step2
    Data Upload

    Go to => Login => Data Market => Data Upload

    In the Data Market menu, click the Upload Data button to complete the form

  • Step3
    Data Approve

    dataXchain team will authenticate the uploaded data after the review within 24-48 hours after the initial upload

  • Step4
    Modifying Data information

    Test the Data Market and edit the Selling List as needed

    Price can be changed only when the dataXchain team approves

  • Step5
    Review Mypage

    MyPage => Transaction History => Seller

    Check the Payment Status and you will receive the fund within 7 days after the Sold Date

  • Step6
    Data Purchase

    With the profit you earned from sale, use it to purchase more Data